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3D TV Reviews 2018

3D TV's are still somewhat of an enigma to a lot of people. Getting too technical with the explanation can get quite confusing without really offering any real answer to the user's questions. In truth, 3D TV's can only get better with time. They might not be as hyped as they were a few years ago, but it's there, evolving and improving every day.

Do You Need The Glasses?

One of the most common misconceptions is that you need glasses in order to watch 3D content. Autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D TV's are already here (though not yet perfected), omitting the need to have the glasses close by in order to enjoy 3D content. Since their introduction, the sales of 3D TV's have nearly doubled, proving that the glasses were one of the barriers between this type of TV and the users. Also, every 3D TV features a 2D mode, since the content needs to be in 3D for the user to use the 3D functionality. What you are getting really is the 3D functionality in reserve in case you want to view such content. You will still need to choose which “sub-type” of 3D TV you want, and you can find additional information here.

Which Size to Go For?

When it comes to advanced technology, it's impossible not to get at least a little bit technical. Viewing experience will improve with the size of the TV as it's all about immersion. Overall experience improves with the size as the TV is able to replicate our stereoscopic field of vision better, fooling our brain into thinking the content we are seeing is actually reality rather than the TV's functionality. This is exactly why you stop noticing the 3D effects in cinemas if you are sitting in the back row. Smaller 3D TV's are designed for convenience, not experience.

Available Content

There is no point in getting a 3D TV if there's no content available as it's actually the content that dictates whether this functionality can be used or not. Each day, new channels are starting to broadcast content in 3D, with sports channels being the most enjoyable if you exclude the movies which you can rent or buy on blu-ray. If you enjoy playing video games, the games that support 3D mimic the reality really good at the cost of straining the eyes.