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Curved TV Reviews 2018

A lot of us are creatures of habit. Flat screen TV's have been a centerpiece of home entertainment for a long time, so naturally, there were a lot of skeptics when curved TV's first appeared . There are plenty of false testimonies regarding how these TV's work, and some light needs to be shed on the matter.

Benefits of a Curved TV

One of the biggest benefits of this TV is the immersion it is able to provide. The basic principle it functions upon is that the TV curves the picture slightly forward, seemingly warping it around you, invading your peripheral vision and drawing you in. The source on most curved TV's is 2D, but the impression a lot of users are getting when watching the curved TV for the first time is that they're actually watching 3D content. Curved edges of the image enhance the user's perception of depth, creating an entirely new experience. Even though the size might be the same as on a flat screen TV, you are actually getting a wider image as the screen stretches further. Curved displays are able to focus the light from the screen directly at the user's eyes. This means that they are able to deliver a much higher contrast than flat screens. It is hard to measure exactly how much due to the lack of standard when it comes to contrast. Though it isn't a measurable quality, it is a fact that curved TV's excel when it comes to contrast.

Viewing Angles

LCD TV's are known to have issues with directionality, limiting the viewing angles since color looses saturation if you aren't sitting directly in front of a TV. Curved TV's have edges turned towards the user, so these problems are greatly reduced. It comes at a cost though as you will experience issues with geometry if you aren't sitting directly in front of the TV. Everything above 30 degree angle will start creating issues, making the picture seem pretty unnatural. If you are sat at a really wide angle, there is a risk of completely losing one side of the picture. Some might argue that only a few people can be sat directly in front of the TV, and while that is true, the viewing space of a curved TV is proportional to the size of the screen itself. New models are large for this exact reason, and if you're in the market for a curved TV, a couple extra inches won't be a problem.