Choosing a Perfect TV for Gaming

For most people, the TV isn’t exactly on their list of priorities. Those people make the mistake of neglecting this important piece of hardware too often, a mistake which eventually results in spending more money for an upgrade.

Are Gaming TV’s That Important?

TV can be an extremely important component if you are planning to play video games. Forget about the raw horsepower your PC or your console is packing under the hood for a second. A TV is a direct line between your PC, or your console and yourself, and as such, it is an invaluable piece of equipment.

Several features need to be considered when looking for a perfect gaming TV.

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Response rate

Response rate of a TV is the amount of time each pixel on the display needs in order to change its color. Lower response rate means that the screen updates faster. If you are playing fast paced games, you might experience „ghosting“ if you are using a TV with low response rate. Response rate is actually how most TV manufacturers refer to input lag. . Seeing that games are interactive form of entertainment, it is important to have the hardware that will respond fast to user input. If the time between the input and the reaction on the screen is too high, the entire experience might feel sluggish. The fastest TV’s today feature an input lag of about 16 miliseconds, and the slowest ones can feature up to 100 miliseconds, and more. This can have a huge impact on gameplay. A lot of TV’s today feature game modes which can reduce input lag by reducing image quality as well. Ideally, it wouldn’t reduce the image quality by a lot, but that is often not the case. Be sure to read up and inform yourself further about these features before you set off to buy a new gaming TV.


It is a common misconception to believe that resolution is a crucial factor when it comes to how your games are going to look on your TV. It might be more important when it comes to TV gaming, but when it comes to consoles, it doesn’t make much difference since console games render at lower resolutions which are later scaled up by both the console and the TV.

Refresh rate

Another important thing when you are in the market for a new TV is the refresh rate. Most TV’s today have a 60 Hz refresh rate, meaning that you can see 60 frames per second. It doesn’t matter if your console or your PC allow you to play games at 100+ FPS. If your television is limited to 60, that’s it. The most optimal refresh rate for a gaming TV would be around 120 Hz, especially if you are planning on playing PC games. You will definitely notice the difference.


Connections are a pretty simple thing. You need to be sure that your TV has the same connections as your graphics card, otherwise you won’t be able to plug it in. The most popular outputs out there are VGA, DVI and HDMI (lately, mHDMI has started to get popular as well). So look for those on the list of specs as well.