TV Power Consumption – Everything You Need to Know

A lot of people ignore TV’s power consumption, and though they do work like any other device, surprisingly, they don’t actually require that much power. The least efficient TV’s will set you back a few dollars a month, which can build up to $50-$100 a year. If you think about it, you can buy an entirely new TV in a few years simply by saving a small amount of money every year. Though it is not that much, there are several other things to think about. If you are at least a bit eco minded, and you’re thinking about getting a new TV anyway, think about a TV that is power efficient. For all of those that have power hungry TV’s, there are several tips you can utilize to conserve power.

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Smaller TV’s Use Less Power

Each one of us dream about a big screen TV. However, think about if you really need a 64” TV. Sure, it’s an impressive sight, but getting an oversized TV can result in a poor viewing experience if the room it is placed in is not large enough. Before you rush and buy a large TV think how large a TV you actually need.

Dim the Picture

Watching TV with dimmer picture can lead to a lot of power saving. Maximum brightness isn’t really needed to achieve great viewing quality. By dimming the picture just a little bit, you will still retain a great viewing experience, saving power and money in the process. If you decided to dim the picture, make sure that the room your TV is in isn’t too bright, otherwise it might cause strain on your eyes.

Consider Getting a LED TV

LED TV, compared to any other kind of TV, is the most power efficient type of TV that is available on the market. However, some LED TV’s are more power efficient than others. Newer TV’s have energy-saving modes, which you might want to turn on as you will hardly feel the difference.

Turn off the TV When It’s Not Being Used

It may sound trivial, but too many people don’t do this. Allowing your TV to run when it’s not being used doesn’t only spend power, but greatly reduces the life cycle of your TV as well. Remember to turn off the TV even if you are going away for a short amount of time. Doing this will save you a lot of power. A lot of TV’s today have the auto shut down function which turns the TV off after a certain amount of inactivity. However, such TV’s usually run quite long before they shut off, so it is best to do it manually.

Utilize the Ambient Light Sensor If Your TV has It

A lot of newer models have the ambient light sensor implemented. If you are watching TV in a dark room make sure that the sensor is switched on. It will dramatically reduce your TV’s power consumption since the sensor optimizes contrast automatically.