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LCD/LED TV Reviews 2018

Back in the day TV's used to be extremely heavy, power hungry machines that took up a lot of space without really making the room look stylish or well decorated. Plasma TV's changed that, and LCD TV's started a real revolution in TV design. Today, they hardly take up any space in your home since they are slim and sleek looking pieces of technology. You probably were not aware that LCD technology has been around us years before it was introduced to TV's. Calculators and old cellphones used this exact technology on their displays.

Benefits of an LCD TV

LCD's generate picture by rapidly switching pixels off and on. Pictures are tiny blocs assigned with blue, green and red lights that are switched off or on using liquid crystals that rotate polarized light. This allows the LCD TV to generate images quickly and with great accuracy, providing the user with crystal crisp picture. Today, these TV's are the most common type of TV found in stores, and in people's homes. They are extremely affordable, especially if you consider the technology behind them. Like any other product, LCD TV's have their own life cycle which is quite long, so you needn't worry about having to replace this kind of TV any time soon.

Which Type to Get

LCD TV is a general term as there are many different types available on the market. All of these types have most things in common with a few notable differences.


LED TV is in fact an LCD TV. The difference is that LED TV's illuminate the liquid crystals with LED lights, while LCD TV's use fluorescent lighting. However, LED TV's today have quite a few advantages. They are much thinner since they do not require any tubes, which means that they also consume less power. Reason behind this is that the LCD TV illuminates the entire screen evenly, while the LED TV can locally dim part of the screen, saving power in the process. This also produces better contrast, since LED TV can completely shut down parts of the screen it doesn't need to use for a specific frame. If you want to utilize this feature, then you want to go for full-array LED TV, as edge-lit LED TV's do not work as it was described above.