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Plasma TV Reviews 2018

The first and the oldest type of flat screen TV which came out about 10 years ago, the Plasma TV, has come a long way since it first appeared. Plasma TV's are unfortunately getting decommissioned, meaning we won't be able to buy them in the near future. Despite their superior picture quality, the technology can hardly advance anymore, and it is becoming expensive to keep the development going.

Superior Image Quality

Despite the fact that newer TV types feature more advanced technology, Plasma TV's have evolved as well. Though there are less and less of them every day, they still feature better contrast ratio, back level lighting and refresh rates than most other types of TV's, including LED LCD. This is of course if we compare new, high end Plasma TV models. When it comes to resolution, Plasma TV's do not feature 4K resolution, but they do perform better than the LCD under same circumstances. LCD TV's only have high refresh rates to combat motion blur, while the Plasma TV never had major issues with motion blur, so they never needed high refresh rates. Therefore, you probably won't experience the so called soap opera effect on a Plasma TV.

Burn In

One of the reasons people ran for their lives when Plasma TV was mentioned was the famous burn in. Burn in can best be described as picture persistence, a bright image that sticks to the screen for way too long. It is usually a permanent form of picture retention, so there's usually no cure. However, with new Plasma TV models, the chances of experiencing a burn in are extremely low. Plasma TV needs to age a bit, and the aging process usually takes about 100 hours. During this time you might still experience some form of image retention which will go away. After the 100 hour are up (a general number which might not be the case with every model), you should see less and less burn in, until it is completely gone. A serious case of burn in on newer models will only happen if you leave your TV on with a still image on display for days.


You won't find very small Plasma TV's, if you manage to find any these days that is. Plasma TV's are meant to be large, and if you want to get a really large TV (larger than 100″) Plasma is the only way to go as the LCD TV's are limited when it comes to their size, and they usually do not go past 65″.

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