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LG Electronics 42LF5800 Review – Life’s too good for not being smart

LG 42LF5800

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Image quality excellent and perfectly adaptable to suit different genres or themes
  • settings easy to maneuver and not archaic or complex
  • good price considering overriding benefit of soft-touch quality and long-term sustainability
  • Sound quality while good cannot match excellence of visual presentations
  • some may prefer personal more control over various settings
Reviewing the 2017 version LG Electronics 42LF5800 has unsurprisingly turned out to be as natural as turning on a grandfather’s old portable radio or taking in the panoramic mountain views from an apartment balcony. This 42-inch giant flat-screen TV is built for movie buffs and picture perfectionists alike. Most product reviews have been favorable. Bearing in mind that the screen is the focal point of your home entertainment area, for once sound takes a back seat here.

Picture Perfect

Slotting in any Blu-Ray disc or streamed movie entails high expectations for perfect clarity and optimum visual presentations of action sequences or dramatic, candid scenes. But not all flat screens can manipulate less than satisfactorily cut discs whether downloaded or straight from the shelf. The LG Electronics 42LF5800 can adjust picture quality settings and more.

So, whether you are watching the latest science fiction thriller or epic history blockbuster, this 42-inch baby gives you a panoramic, in-your-face movie experience. Color settings take priority here and the manufacturers have come up with a smart solution that allows users to conduct their own settings with consummate ease and to their personal tastes.

Customizing genres

These settings are not rigid nor are they cast in stone. You can adjust your picture to attune it to whatever you are watching. The war epic requires a specific focus on action sequences realistically recreated for the make-believe or historically-based war being fought in your living room.

Sports pundits know all about specific basket shots on the court or key wide yard movements on the football pitch, which require a different focus. Soft touches allow you to switch from cinema mode to sports mode within seconds. Lovers of classic movie genres can adjust their settings to perfectly retouched black and white oldies. And nature lovers will love this LG even more. Picture clarity allows you to experience nature, quite literally, in the wild. It is as though you are really there.


Tech-savvy users may not be too focused on this feature other than gushing at its ability to not only match but exceed their plasma-screen predecessors. But this is one feature of modern technology very much in evidence in this LG TV.

To emphasize this point, note the full product name; LG Electronics 42LF5800 42-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model). It is a mouthful. But can you see where this is leading to? This state of the art 2017 TV is no ordinary flat screen monster. Be reminded that this is a Smart LED TV. LED-powered devices are environmentally sustainable and also light on the pocketbook. More power to you if you’ve chosen this LG.