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LG Electronics 43LF5900 Review – 43-inch LED TV with Amazing Smart Features

LG 43LF5900

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Superior picture quality
  • Many great features
  • Amazing smart features
  • Great remote control
  • Some people find it difficult to operate through the TV’s operating system
LG is a company that produces a wide range of different products from phones to TVs to number of other electronic home devices. This manufacturer has recently launched the LG Electronics 43LF5900 – a new member in its category of Smart TVs.

This model is a 43-inch LED TV that boasts 1080p resolution and an integrated WiFi that allows you connect to your network in order to access all your favorite streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and much more. Its Full HD 1080p picture quality will amaze you, and allow you to enjoy near limitless content. Also, you are able to control this Smart TV with your compatible tablet or smartphone, by simply downloading the LG Remote App. Watch all your favorite shows and movies on this amazing 43-inch LED TV which integrates TruMotion 120Hz for added screen clarity.

This feature allows the TV to quickly refresh in order to keep the picture as vibrant, and as clear as possible. Overall, this great Smart TV simplifies accessing your favorite movies and TV shows. Smart TV user interface of this LG TV features a launcher bar which showcases content in a really simple layout making it extremely easy to access the content you want. There is no doubt that LG has once again provided its customers with a beautiful product. This TV boasts superior picture quality and some great features, but more on that below. Here are some important facts and features you should know about this TV.

Amazing, Enhanced Picture Quality

LG is a manufacturer that always focuses on their TV’s color accuracy and picture quality, so it is not a surprise that this model offers a wider viewing angle and the new IPS screen, as well as superior color accuracy. As this is a LED TV, it is much slimmer than its predecessors, and the detail in each frame is enhanced delivering more detailed image and amazing clarity.

The 1080p resolution provides high definition image and video quality, and makes this TV amazing option for those who want to get superior viewing experience. Details, deep contrasts, and colors will spring from this screen with its Full HD 1080p resolution. Probably the main reason why people want HDTV would be this detailed and superior picture quality, in combination with a 60Hz refresh rate that reduces blur during fast action scenes.

Stay Always Connected with the TV’s WebOS 2.0 Feature and Magic Remote

This great TV comes with WebOS 2.0 feature with intuitive user interface that allows you to smoothly operate this device. You can easily switch between TV shows and applications with its simple switching, and you can access this amazing feature at anytime. Pretty neat feature indeed.

This operating system that is installed in this Smart TV also helps in discovering new content from the net in one place. Also, based on your searches and preferences, WebOS 2.0 will recommend you about the content that might mach your interest. As you can see, connecting your smartphone or setting up some external device to the Smart TV has got way simpler. The integrated WiFi in this TV lets you stream content from Neflix, Hulu, YouTube, or any other app. Beyond that, smart sharing function called Smart Share allows you to easily share videos, songs or photos, from a compatible device such as your tablet or smartphone. Whether you send content straight from your laptop over WiDi, or link your devices through your home network, this TV makes it easy to share whatever you like on the big screen for your family and friends to enjoy.

With this TV, you are also able to configure your own LG home dashboard with apps you use the most. Therefore, you won’t have to spend much time navigating, and will have more time for watching your favorite blockbuster movies or TV shows.

The LG Electronics 43LF5900 boasts a magic remote that is the mere console to control all the amazing features of this TV. Just point the cursor on the TV’s screen, and click in order to activate command. Also, this magic remote is able to read voice commands, and can be used to control all the connected devices with this Smart TV. So, instead of handling several remotes to operate the TV, this one saves you time while navigating through menus as well as other content.