LG Electronics 43UF6400 Review – Amazing 4K Smart TV Designed for Entertainment

LG 43UF6400

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • 4K TV
  • Amazing Smart features
  • Great sound quality
  • TruMotion 120
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • Only 1 USB input
The biggest competition to Samsung, LG Electronics has recently begun their rapid expansion on the market in an attempt to overthrow the Korean technology giant from its throne. So far they have been doing a more than decent job in doing so with the introduction of high-end models at decent prices, as well as introduction of a more premium design.

Samsung’s devices are known to have a cheap and plastic look, while the LG aims to please the consumer’s eye as well. Of course, this often means a slight increase in price due to application of more expensive materials.

Design – Great Modern, Premium Look

LG spared no expense when it comes to the design. The TV has a thinner frame than most other models you might have encountered, and the box itself is extremely thin, while keeping the TV’s functionality in its entirety. Overall design looks very premium, rightfully so since a 4K device mustn’t look cheap. The only downside, albeit some will like them, are the legs on which the TV stands. They are designed in a way that a TV simply won’t fit on a small surface as the surface needs to be at least two thirds of the TV’s length long. This problem can be avoided by placing the TV on a wall mount rather on its legs, though wall-mounted TVs kind of take that “comfy living room” feeling away.

Size and Specs – Many Impressive Functions

LG Electronics 43UF6400 43 inch TV has numerous applications. For purpose of watching movies, sports and other television content, 4k resolution paired with 120 Hz of effective refresh rate will definitely not disappoint even those most demanding among users. However, the high refresh rate can at times produce the unwanted soap opera effect, but once you get used to it (if you never owned that kind of TV before) it becomes unnoticeable.

4K resolution on the other hand works well with content upscaling feature. Other than that, there is limited amount of 4K content available so do not expect to see much of it just yet. Granted, the picture quality is significantly increased by the upscaler. Direct LED backlight gives a finishing touch to the amazing picture quality that this TV features. The effective refresh rate makes the device perfect for playing games on.

Whether you hook it up to the computer and use it as a second monitor, or if you hook up a console to it, it will provide an unforgettable experience. Gamers will probably be glad to hear that the input lag is kept to a minimum as well.

Features, Sound and Price – Feature Rich, Smart TV worth Every Buck

The 43UF6400 comes with the Web OS 2.0, a familiar, yet very nicely laid out and simple smart TV interface. LG hasn’t introduced significant changes to the Web OS 2.0 in quite some time, so those familiar with it will have no problem tapping into the pods of different options and applications. The device comes preloaded with all the popular streaming apps, and if those aren’t enough, one can always opt in for a content streaming device that will further enhance the already amazing experience that the 43UF6400 delivers.

Sound levels are more than decent with a nice bass. However, those that would like to throw a party and play music from the TV will find that the sound from the TV alone won’t be sufficient for these extreme purposes, and an additional set of speakers might be required. LG Electronics 43UF6400 costs around $1000 (depending on where you’re getting it from). Not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it.