LG Electronics 49LF5500 Review – Getting the basics right in a big way

LG 49LF5500

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Ideal for home movie and TV fans
  • Price is accessible to all customers
  • Technological simplicity makes it easy for everyone to use
  • No smart functions
  • Sound quality is poor
This is a large TV with a whole lot of heart. At its inception, it had in mind the home-alone folks who are passionate about their movies and favorite TV shows. The LG 49LF5500 is also perfect for those who do not need the added confusion of too much clutter and tech add-ons such as smart functionality. This is an extremely positive impression because 2017 entry level LED TV’s are within reach of cost-conscious shoppers and the proverbial working class who respectively choose home entertainment above all else.

The bigger picture

Above all else, the LG manufacturers justifiably placed great emphasis on picture quality when they put together this sharp LG Electronics 49LF5500 49-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV model. Most TV show fans are already accustomed to the refined visual quality they’ve come to expect from major TV networks. What this LG model does well is simply enhance that quality experience. Picture quality is perfectly attuned for television shows and movies.

Color can be adjusted in accordance with personal preferences, but on the whole colors are clear and sharp. A standard picture setting does not mean that picture quality is dimmed. But picture setting is done with little or no effort anyway.

Unfortunately, the sound system is not of the finest quality. But to compensate, hearing impaired users will love this product. They can continue to rely on a very good picture with closed captioning.

Aesthetic design is also sharp. The TV frame is silver and sleek, and the center makes a welcome entry to the living room as a decorative effect.

Life’s still good

To repeat, manufacturers here have juxtaposed advanced technology with simplicity very well. It is all about creating a convenient ambience for the home entertainment customer. Setting up the center is easy for starters. And the added convenience here is that settings are never complicated and can be manually manipulated, even turned off when not needed.

Using lower settings also saves on power usage. Speaking of which, the application of LED technology is pleasingly becoming the new normal. Not only is the set a lot cheaper than its peers, but also users will be saving a lot of power.

Keeping things simple

Knowing what to look for and finding it at the same time does make things easier for the consumer. The no-frills approach adopted by LG is welcome. Not even gaming fanatics will be disappointed because up front they already know that this product deliberately has no smart functionalities. Here it becomes necessary to remind shoppers of LG’s mission. The target market is budget-conscious and no frills folks. Also, busy minds are not preoccupied with settings because this has been kept to a minimum.