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LG Electronics 55EG9100 Review – Fascinating TV to Look At, As Well As to Watch

LG 55EG9100

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Amazing Smart features
  • Curved screen
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Comes with Magic Remote
  • There actually aren’t any bad things about this TV, besides maybe the price, but those who want high-quality, feature-rich OLED TV will probably we willing to spend that kind of money
Just like the title says, this amazing TV is not only superb to look at, but also really beautiful to watch. Its curved, large screen is going to provide you with superior and amazing viewing experience. Like it or not, we live in a world where TV is mostly the thing that brings the family together.

It is where we entertain our guests and get our news, and much more. Since the TV is in most cases the center of attention and main focus of our living room, it would be good to get nice looking, but also quality television. This is something that the LG Electronics 55EG9100 provides in a big way. Overall, this impressive 3D curved Smart OLED TV will make everything you watch, from your favorite shows and movies, to fast action sports and games, appear more lifelike.

The TV produces an amazing picture providing you with the most incredible viewing experience ever. With this curved screen you will see a much richer image than you did with a flat screen. You will also get a much better performance thanks to the sharper edges and a wider field of view. Therefore, whether you are playing a video game, watching movies and TV shows, or sharing some fun photos with friends, you are able to enrich your TV time with these latest technologies.

OLED TV – Many Advantages

You’ve all probably heard of backlight by now, and backlight is basically the lights in the back of the TV which allow LCD televisions to project an image. Well, this TV is OLED television which is short for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These types of TVs do not require backlighting meaning they are much thinner and more energy saving than LCD TVs, which is an extra bonus.

The OLED utilizes a carbon panel which emits its own light while electricity passes through it so it requires less energy than some other types of TVs. In addition to this, LG Electronics 55EG9100 OLED TV produces deeper blacks for extremely alive images with breathtaking detail. This OLED TV displays a wide pallet of accurate colors, as well.

And since colors look best against a pure black background, the images will appear more detailed and vibrant. You will truly understand this once you see OLED for yourself. Also, everyone will be able to appreciate and enjoy the clarity and color of OLED from any seat since the OLED TV’s amazing picture quality holds up from even wide viewing angles. There is another amazing thing about this TV, and that is its refresh rate. It is much faster than on some other TV models. This eases eye strain, and gives images a much more fluid motion.

The moving pictures on your television are actually a series of images that are advanced from one to the next so rapidly that our eyes see it as motion. The movement will be less blurry and flickering with the faster refresh rate. This means the image will appear much sharper with more detail.

Ultimate Smart TV Experience

The LG Electronics 55EG9100 is Web 2.0 and internet ready, so just integrate your TV and computer in order to get the ultimate experience. LG webOS is designed to be extremely simple, so that it is much more fun to use as well as easier to learn. Now you can have an outstanding experience while playing games and movies and viewing other internet content on your amazing TV screen. You can also personalize and make your Smart TV your own by downloading different apps.