LG Electronics 55LF6000 Review – Beautiful Image!

LG 55LF6000

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Display
  • Sound
  • Sleek look
  • Glare
  • Not Smart TV features
  • Slight lag on some games
The visual capability of the LG Electronics 55LF6000 is stunningly beautiful. The image quality alone is worth the price. Although it is not a smart TV, it is easily made into one via an Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Roku box or something similar. This TV would work well for many uses from gaming to movie marathons. It is by far one of the best TV purchases out there.

Sound capability

The LG Electronics 55LF6000 has good sound quality for a TV. The built-in sound is not bad but not amazing either, but that should be expected with built-in sound systems. There does not seem to be any kind of audio delay once the surround sound or other sound systems are hooked up, which is definitely a plus because that is hard to find sometimes.

Great picture!

The image quality really cannot be beaten with this TV. There are a lot of adjustment settings to set the screen and picture settings exactly how you want them. There are presets as well as expert settings depending on how exact you want the settings to be and your ability to understand the settings in the first place. There is a bit of a glare, but it is not bad and hardly noticeable due to the texture of the screen.


This TV is not a smart TV and does not offer a lot of the bells and whistles that the smart TVs do, but it does the trick. The screen is huge, and the display is beautiful and it can be hooked up to a computer and used as a monitor. Or it can be hooked up to another kind of program or system to make it pretty much exactly like a smart TV- just much more affordable for its size.

The system comes with a stand as well as a wall mount so you can choose which one you want. The stand is a better fit for most entertainment centers, but it is nice to have the option of a wall mount in case you end up moving it to another room.

The 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB output, and full HD resolution make it perfect for any kind of gaming. The size of the screen also makes it really fun to play most games on it. A slight lag is noticeable while playing some games but doesn’t seem to be a big issue.

The controller is simple to use compared to many other remotes. The TV does not seem to have any buttons though, and that is slightly worrying since it makes keeping track of the remote even more crucial than usual.

The monitor is slimmer and more sleek looking than many of the other TVs on the market. The faux metal look fits perfectly in any home, and that along with its size gets a lot of compliments.