LG 60UF8500 Review – Impressive Screen and Many Other Amazing Features

LG 60UF8500

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • IPS Panel and many other great technologies for amazing viewing experience
  • 3D content in 4K resolution
  • Impressive audio performance
  • webOS 2.0 and quad core processor
  • There are only two channel audio systems
It has become pretty hard to find the right TV nowadays, since there are many things to take into consideration, besides the picture quality. Many people don’t even completely understand all those complicated features of today’s modern TVs, so it is really important to be properly informed before purchasing one.

LG is a well-known manufacturer in the electronics industry. It has become a leader in several product categories, and many people are more than pleased with the quality, value, and reliability that this brand ensures. The LG 60UF8500 includes many of the capabilities, and some of modern hot features that high-tech gurus want.

This is a mid-range 4K Ultra HD TV meaning it provides 3840×2160 resolution (4x the resolution of Full HD). It also boasts a premium IPS panel for accurate colors and wider viewing angles. There are also several other amazing hot features, such as 3D technology, built-in HEVC decoder, TruMotion 240Hz, and many more that we will describe below.

This 4K Ultra HD 60 inch LED TV will Simply Blow Your Mind

The 60UF8500 60 inch screen is more than enough to enjoy the big game, movie night, or even a Netflix binge. They are going to look impressive on this amazing screen. The glass bezel surrounding the TV is so minimal that it doesn’t take anything from the screen’s impressive size.

This TV relies on the amazing performance of Tru 4K HD Engine and 4K IPS Panel. Not only that IPS Panel improves the side viewing angle, but it also improves the overall picture quality so that the images look more impressive and clear. Just like those HD ready televisions a couple of years ago, 4K is the next “big thing”. Even though movies and broadcasts are not completely ready to be rolled out yet, there is still a lot of content that looks so fluid and real that it is just a matter of time before 4K resolution is the normal format.

Till then, you can be sure that the Ultra HD LED screen is one of the best your money can buy. It is more than safe to say that this TV is roughly 4x better than the one you want to replace thanks to LG 60UF8500’s 8 million pixels (compared to a HD TV’s 2 million), and a 60 frames per second refresh rate. The images on this smart TV’s screen are sharp and clean and there will be no dragging, and no blurring of the picture. Additionally, the 60UF8500 also boasts LED Plus Technology which is the local dimming technology developed for enhancing the black level and the contrast of the picture.

Combination between this technology and Tru Black Control technology provides impressive picture quality with deep black level and superior contrast. Moreover, the 60UF8500 features Tru Color Generator, for improving the color reproduction and making the displayed picture look true-to-life with vibrant and natural colors. This TV, in its class, offers one of the best picture qualities.

Amazing 3D Technology and Smart TV Platform

3D is still a relatively new technology, and some people like this way of watching TV, while some don’t. It’s becoming a usual feature for blockbuster movies, and LG have packed some amazing features into the 60UF8500. It uses an upscaling system which removes any flickering, and turns any 3D content into the highest possible resolution, and in this way it eliminates the cause of nausea in some people while watching 3D. This passive 3D technology also uses 3D glasses that are battery-free, more comfortable to use, and cheaper.

This TV features webOS 2.0 as its smart TV platform that is the version of webOS operating system which was introduced last year. Its performance is powered by a powerful quad core processor (in comparison to last year’s version which is powered by a dual core processor), so it is much faster and easier to use when you are navigating, browsing the internet, or streaming 4K content. Live Menu and Launcher Bar make it simpler and easier to navigate. You are also allowed to download loads of apps from the LG Content Store to your Smart TV. And of course, this TV boasts LG’s Magic remote which provides many useful functions including voice recognition.

With plenty of downloadable apps, smart internet capabilities, and an amazing internal speaker system, this TV will keep you impressed and entertained for years to come.
Like with all reviews, the final decision is up to the user. The price of the device might come off as a bit high, but if you have extra money to invest into your home entertainment system, the 60UF8500 is definitely the system to invest it in.