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LG Electronics 65EF9500 Review – Superb Flat OLED TV for All the Curve-Haters

LG 65EF9500

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Superb picture quality
  • 4K TV
  • Easy-to-use and fun webOS 2.0 smart platform
  • Tru-4K Upscaler
  • Outstanding black and contrast levels
  • The TV is pretty expensive
LG has decided that not all OLED televisions need to be bent. Even though the amount of bezel surrounding the screen is being kept to a minimum and the set’s rear is reasonably trim, this flat-screen 65-incher doesn’t feel like an OLED design at first.

Fortunately, this first impression disappears pretty quickly once you begin to pay attention to its picture quality. Many would agree that OLED’s superior black-level credentials look even more amazing on the LG Electronics 65EF9500 than they do on curved screen LG TVs.

Regardless of whether you are a hater or lover of curved screens, having the opportunity to enjoy OLED’s advantages and thrills in a flat format is pretty welcome indeed.

Incredible Deep Blacks and Best Looking Colors

Each and every OLED sub-pixel is able to switch off entirely, producing absolute black. This is the ability which gives OLED its remarkable black and contrast levels. If you view the LG Electronics 65EF9500 next to a 4K LED TV, the very first thing you will notice is the indefinite and immense black levels of this OLED TV.

While 4K LED televisions are still able to pump out slightly brighter picture thanks to amped up LED backlights, it is no comparison in the blacks depth. Also, deeper black levels create more contrast on your screen as well as colors which pop more.

In order to create the color palette, each pixel in LCD televisions is made up of 3 sub-pixels (green, red and blue). LG’s technology called Unique 4 Colors Pixel technology is adding white sub-pixel to these three conventional colors in order to improve both brightness and color range. OLED images maintain great color and contrast even if you are sitting off to the sides.

Impressive Smart Features – LG’s amazing webOS 2.0

Yes, you have to pay a lot for this TV (around $5000), but this manufacturer throws in a lot of goodies through the webOS 2.0 smart platform which is pretty much the same system as their original webOS we know and love, except this update is faster.

The most impressive thing about this smart platform is how fun and bubbly it is. You are probably aware how many smart platforms can be difficult to use and choppy, but the webOS 2.0 manages to ease the experience and make it more fun by using friendly cartoon characters, lots of helpful prompts, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for setup.

In the main app hub, you will find well-known favorites such as Hulu Plus and Netflix lined up at the bottom of the screen. Also, there are shortcuts to often used items which let you rapidly move from one application to another, to traditional ports such as your cable box or TV antenna. You can let webOS 2.0 to automatically pull the applications you use frequently into this great, quick launch bar, but you can also manually customize which applications will appear here.

Regarding the content, webOS 2.0 offers a vast variety of options such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and YouTube, and all of them stream native 4K content. There is a lot more content in the LG app store, but those you will use the most are probably all pre-installed already. Overall, LG’s webOS 2.0 is a minimalist, smooth smart experience which boots up rapidly and works amazing with the Magic Remote.