Samsung UN32EH4003 Review – Attractive TV with Excellent Picture

Samsung UN32EH4003

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Extremely affordable TV
  • Really light TV, so it is extremely easy to move from room to room
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Very attractive and nice design
  • Lack of audio outputs
  • Pretty poor sound quality
  • No Smart TV option
Since TV market offers huge choice of flat panel TVs right now, making a selection might be really hard. It is really important to consider all the aspects when buying a new television as we all surely want to make a smart call with our dollars.

One of the many great TVs on the market is this 32’’ model from Samsung. It is really affordable yet it boasts many amazing features (beautiful picture quality being one of them). 720p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate may seem repulsive to some people, but these specs are more than able to deliver a gorgeous picture for most applications.

This TV answers an array of TV needs. This high-definition screen of 32 inches is big enough to make sports and movies really involving, yet the TV’s overall size is still compact. Just picture this TV in a kitchen or a bedroom, a dorm room, or even wall-mounted in your workout room. Actually, Samsung UN32EH4003 is so light that it is really simple and easy to move from one room to another, if you choose.

Setup – Simple and Easy

Connecting this TV to its 7-inch deep stand is really simple and easy. The TV is quickly ready for action, and looks really smart on its stand. If you wish to wall mount it, the installation should be really straightforward and easy as well. Samsung UN32EH4003 boasts a wide choice of advanced picture settings so you’ll surely be able to discover a satisfying picture with only minor alterations to the default setting of the TV.

It is important to remember that with this TV the picture settings are not globalized, so you will need to adjust for every available input. Regarding picture modes, there are three basic settings to choose from including Standard, Movie, and Dynamic. The best picture quality would probably be achieved with the Movie mode with some basic adjustments to color, tint, contrast, and sharpness.

Performance – Impressive for an Entry-Level TV

Considering this is an entry-level TV, the picture on Samsung UN32EH4003 is really impressive. Its LED backlighting ensures amazing colors such as vivid reds, lush greens and golden yellows. Watching animation with this TV on Blu-ray is really a satisfying experience as the set does a great job of cutting a pretty clean image.

The only drawback here would probably be some occasional jitter when viewing fast-paced sporting events as well as action sequences. However, this issue is common with virtually every entry-level LED TV with similar specifications. At the end, you will surely enjoy this TV’s sharp image and brilliant colors.