Samsung UN32J4000 Review – Get the Most out of Your Viewing Experience

Samsung UN32J4000

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Great color accuracy
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great, low price
  • Poor uniformity
  • Poor contrast ratio
If you’re on a budget, and looking for a really decent TV that will improve your viewing experience with some of its great picture quality features, the Samsung UN32J4000 will suit your needs.

This nice little TV comes only in a 32-inch size, and is really simple to use, so it’s suitable for everyone, younger and older people. Being really cheap, this TV doesn’t sport any smart features, contrast/motion improvement software, 3D, or some of those fancy trimmings of some pricier TVs, but it does boast a pretty good color depth as well as accuracy with cleanly balanced neutral tones and a surprisingly wide viewing angle.

All those who wish to enjoy high-quality sound and picture while watching their favorite movies and TV shows should buy this great TV.

Hardware and Software – Suitably Modern & Easy To Use

This 32-inch TV boasts a very simple and elegant appearance. The panel stands on 2 black “arc feet” which are placed wide at the screen’s edges. It’s quite interesting and different look from other entry-level TVs that tend to use simple rectangular stands.

The J4000’s bezels are a bit thicker than on more expensive sets Samsung offers. However, overall it is a sturdy, handsome product. Around back, you will find one USB 2.0 input, two HDMI inputs, digital audio out, shared component/composite inputs, as well as a coaxial jack for satellite/cable connections. A TV this size has one big plus, and that is its weight. It weights a little over 8 pounds, so it is extremely easy to pick it up in order to move it around from one room to another.

No one should have any problems using this TV since it is not only simple on the outside, but on the inside as well. Even though there isn’t much here by way of some advanced calibration options, such as white balance or color management, this is not an issue with this entry-level TV. Samsung still offers plenty of audio customization, such as sound modes as well as several settings for the TV’s optical audio out port.

Connect Share Movie – Amazing Feature

Although the J4000 doesn’t boast Smart TV features, it does feature the connect share option that allows connectivity via USB input for videos, computer, or camera. This provides you with a wide range of different viewing options for your content through computer.

Picture Quality – Great Viewing Experience

This 32-incher features a 720p screen which might scare some people off, but there is really no reason for that. TV screen this size really doesn’t require a 1080p resolution, since most video games and broadcasts are still 720p. Also, judder and motion blur aren’t highly noticeable on a 32-inch screen, but if you sit further away from the screen, it will help diminish the effects. Overall color accuracy on this TV is really good. Color performance is strong on the verge of becoming over-saturated. Still, the picture on this TV is much dimmer than some large LED backlit displays thanks to LED edge lights that are toned down. For an inexpensive TV this size, this is a pretty strong offering.