Samsung UN32J5003 Review – Experience Amazing, and Enhanced Picture Quality

Samsung UN32J5003

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Full HD Resolution provides clear, crisp image
  • Many features ensuring great viewing experience
  • Affordable LED TV
  • Neat design
  • No smart functionality
Popular companies are launching different types of LED televisions every year. In order to stand out from that mass, a LED TV needs to have superior features and great design. This TV from Samsung is that kind of TV as it ticks off pretty much all of the boxes of a user’s checklist. This 32-incher from Samsung is really affordable considering all of its great features. In such a mass market like this one, it is really important to roll out a good product in order to raise the brand’s image.

Samsung is pretty knowledgeable about this; therefore the Samsung UN32J5003 boasts advanced features, superior display clarity, and good design to keep the demanding and cost centric user happy. Anyone looking for an amazing TV that will provide amazing viewing experience at twice the resolution of some standard HD TV should consider this great model. With this TV, you will get to enjoy improved clarity and color, as well as experience vivid image quality with this TV’s Slim LED back light technology.

Design – Nice and Neat

Mostly, there isn’t much to discuss about the designs of the LED HD TVs, as they look pretty much the same no matter who the manufacturer is. However, Samsung has combined some nice and interesting cues to accomplish a different look to this product. Samsung UN32J5003’s design might be simply described as neat design. You won’t find cheap or fancy design elements anywhere on this TV. This matured and elegant design is really nice to look at.

Sound System and Picture Quality – Many Features to Ensure You with Amazing Viewing Experience

This model boasts DTS 5.1 Premium Sound system, a feature that offers different customization options to choose voice clarity, bass output, and other sound factors. Anyone watching their favorite videos in this television will enjoy every moment because of the theater effect. DTS Premium Sound and embedded surround sound support allow this TV to create a bold audio soundstage which immerses anyone in their media. 32-inch Samsung UN32J5003’s display is a real treat to look at with its 1080p resolution and Slim FLED Backlighting.

You will get to enjoy and view your favorite games, movies, and TV shows in crisp detail. Samsung has also used some other features to ensure excellent clarity to this HD LED television. One of these features is Motion Rate 60 which delivers clear moving image, and ensures that your TV will keep up with all the action on-screen. With its processing speed, backlighting technology, and quick refresh rate, this TV delivers a clear and neat moving picture which renders rapid action sequences easily.

Another picture quality feature worth mentioning is Wide Color Enhancer that improves color and brightness quality. Thanks to this feature, you will get to enjoy every image just as the director planned, even with older and non-HD content.