Samsung UN40H5003 Review – Growing up with the basics

Samsung UN40H5003

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • he entire system is easy to set up and use
  • Remote control speed is quick for this basic model
  • The system is adaptable and affordable for most consumers
  • There is not enough maneuverability to enhance average picture reception
  • As a basic system and in spite of existing features, it is a little too inflexible
It goes without saying that things improve over time. In the case of Samsung products, this is not different. Even with standard features, the Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2014 Model) is a big improvement from its ancestors. Samsung has adapted well to the rapid march of modern technology.

Size-wise, this home entertainment center is perfect for consumers who enjoy making changes to their home over a period of time. The LED screen is small enough to be wall-mounted in the bedroom. Or it can be stationed in the living room so that the whole family can come together for a seasoned bout of home entertainment.

Picture quality

What is probably the most important feature of a 40 inch LED TV has been taken care of in this 2014 Samsung model. For starters, the screen’s refresh rate is acceptable in consideration of current standards. When setting up for the first time, scanning for channels is done within minutes. Before talking about the all-important aspect of picture quality, it’s worth mentioning that the sound is a big improvement from older Samsung models.

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Picture quality is good. The picture also delivers excellent compatibility with channels broadcast in high definition. But overall deliverables are not entirely perfect. This poses problems for consumers who demand excellence during live broadcasts. In Samsung’s defense, such delivery is not always within reach of the manufacturer.

User-friendly functions

The focus here is on simplicity and convenience. Beginning with the remote, functions are user-friendly. The standard and functional remote control has larger channel and remote buttons allowing for easier navigation and never cumbersome. Although there is no smart functionality, this does not prevent users from watching selected downloaded or streamed movies. A handy USB port is accessible to insert a flash drive for this purpose.

Quick and versatile

I mentioned earlier that channels are scanned within minutes. In today’s technological terms, a 2014 model may already seem ancient. But the convenience of a quick scan for new channels remains. So, not everyone is going to be solely watching movies and their favorite TV shows. Some young at heart users will still want to plug in their favorite games. The port serves this purpose too and is compatible with Xbox.

Not only is this home entertainment center affordable to all consumers it is an energy saver, too. The mere mention of LED should please eco-conscious consumers. This technology remains sustainable and a cost saver. It even does things by itself to save energy when its master has forgotten to do this. It switches off by itself when not in use after a period of time!