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Samsung UN40JU6400 Review – Extremely Affordable 4K TV with Loads of Features

Samsung UN40JU6400

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Really affordable 4K TV
  • Smart Features
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB inputs
  • Great for gaming (really low input lag)
  • Loss of color saturation when viewing from angle
  • No 24p support
A beast on a budget is the only way this TV can be described. All the features you could possibly want bundled together in a 4K UHD package. All that at a surprisingly reasonable price sound really amazing, doesn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what this TV is. Samsung’s UN40JU6400 might not be the absolute champion in the series, but it can hold itself against even more powerful models that come with a much higher price tag. If you were ever thinking of buying a 4K TV, but did not want to spend too much on it, Samsung took care of that with this model as the price is stripped down to match some of the Full HD models available on the market.

Of course, some features had to be removed in order to meet this price point, but overall the UN40JU6400 is a great piece of home entertainment.

Design – Premium and Neat Design

The first thing you’ll notice on the model is the extremely thin frame. This kind of frame design gives the TV a premium look. It doesn’t look cheap at all, but it looks a bit plastic compared to some aluminum models we often see on the display. The stand is very stable and neatly designed. The feet of the stand do not take much space, and they even look nice on furniture. However, if you prefer to mount it on the wall you can do so with a variety of wall mounts available. The best bet would be to let the professional do it in order to achieve the best position for viewing experience.

Picture Quality, Specs – Decent Picture Quality for a 4K TV Which is Ideal for Gaming

The contrast on the TV is pretty decent, uniformity as well. However, when watching 24 fps content, a bit of judder can be noticed. For most people it isn’t something that will ruin their experience, this warning is intended to more demanding users. The viewing angles are pretty good, though the colors tend to get saturated if viewing the screen under an extreme angle.

Speaking of colors, a downside is that the screen is only able to display an average array of colors, rather than a wide range that users are used to seeing on those high-end 4K models. This is somewhat compensated by upscaling the low resolution content, something that the UN40JU6400 does pretty well. The upscaled content doesn’t look soft at all, but very crisp and natural, which is something that case as a surprise as usually budget TVs do not excel in this area.

Sports look great on the TV, as do video games. A little blur adds a great effect to fast movements when playing games, and combined with very low delay, it makes it a great gaming TV. On top of all, game mode option lowers the input lag to just 26.5ms, while the PC mode keeps it at 48ms.

Size, Features, Connectivity – Nicely Versatile TV

The screen size is 40 inches which is ideal size for this all-rounder. Unless you are looking at the screen from far away, you won’t require a larger screen since the Samsung UN40JU6400 will display movies, shows, sports and games equally well.

The Smart TV comes with as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, Amazon Video, HBO GO and other streaming services preloaded, with other apps available for download. The interface is simple, yet appealing, something that Samsung hasn’t deviated from for a while. Apart from being able to connect to the TV via WiFi and Ethernet cable, there are also Component inputs available, as well as 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.