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Samsung UN48J5200 Review – Affordable and Versatile Smart TV

Samsung UN48J5200

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Great Picture quality
  • Excellent sound quality, unlike some other models from this series
  • Smart functionality
  • Anynet+
  • Eco Sensor
  • Pretty unattractive and cheap design
  • Low refresh rate
Samsung sells more Ultra HD TV’s than anyone, but that doesn’t mean that their Full HD models are much behind in quality. True, they may not provide the viewing experience that the UHD TV might, but ask yourself, is it really the right time to buy an UHD TV? There is still lack of 4K content available, and seeing how slowly the content is being released, it will definitely be a couple of years before it’s time to invest in an UHD TV, so you will probably end up watching Full HD content anyway.

This is where Samsung’s J5000 series come in. Having all the features you might expect on a Smart TV, the price is bewilderingly low. With that in mind, the UN48J5200 is definitely the model to consider if you are in the market for a new TV.

Important Features – Impressive Picture and Sound Quality

Design wise, the UN48J5200 isn’t anything special. The already recognizable curves that Samsung features on their more expensive models are left out, and the TV doesn’t have that premium look attached to it.

Far from it being ugly though, the UN48J5200 simply has a design you would expect of a TV with its price tag. Design aside, as it is not a major deciding factor for most users anyway, this model can boast with an image quality that is comparable to much more expensive Full HD models out there. The model puts out a remarkably impressive picture quality, something that Samsung can definitely be proud of. As a standard already, the Clear Motion Rate 60 does a commendable job regarding the quality of the moving picture.

Those who are interested in playing video games might find the fact that the TV doesn’t feature an extremely high refresh rate disappointing, but it is noteworthy that the UN48J5200 excels in this field as well. Dishing out extra money for a more expensive model (unless you are really a demanding user) is just not worth it. The sound quality is great, and it provides the user with a really immersive experience. The volume output is more than sufficient to cover even large rooms (unlike some other models in the J5000 series).

Additional Functionalities – Smart TV with a Couple of Other Handy Functions

The UN48J5200 comes with a Smart functionality. The interface works really well and makes switching between different apps and browsing the web a breeze. The TV also features Anynet+, allowing you to connect up to 12 different devices to it and manage them with a remote.

These devices need to be HDMI-CES compatible. Another thing to mention is that this model, like its more advanced and expensive brethren, comes with the Eco Sensor which manages energy consumption. You might not be interested in this, but by doing this, it also extends the longevity of your device, guaranteeing great media entertainment for a long time.