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Samsung UN65JU6500 Review – Relatively Affordable 4K TV with a Bold, Crisp Picture

Samsung UN65JU6500

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Very low input lag in game mode
  • Great overall picture quality in both bright and dark rooms
  • Relatively affordable 4K TV
  • Web browser is included
  • Easy on-screen menu system
  • Color and contrast degrades at side angle viewing
  • Judder is apparent when watching lower resolution movies
If you can’t afford some top-of-the-line model of TV, this one from Samsung is relatively affordable 4K TV with amazing picture quality, great smart features, and much more. Even though this TV doesn’t boast some of the top-of-the-line-model’s fancy features, like 3D support or a built-in camera, it still has lots of the same features as much more expensive TV sets.

Those features include UHD Picture Dimming, Smart TV offerings, contrast enhancer, HEVC 4K streaming decoding, and a quad core processor. One of the best Samsung UN65JU6500’s features is actually its price, since this TV with 4K UHD resolution rivals some a year or two-old 1080p televisions of the same size. If you want all your video sources (game console, satellite or cable TV box, or Blu-ray player) to look better than ever, then this TV is the right choice. Thanks to its extremely low input lag, the TV is perfect for gaming.

Colorful Picture Performance and Above Average Sound Quality

Even though edge lit LED backlight LCD’s aren’t the perfect picture technology (even in 4K), Samsung’s clear coat screen is a major plus. Two major picture strengths of this TV are its excellent picture detail and accurate color reproduction. Some light bleed though, will probably occur over time which will be noticeable during black or very dark background scenes.

Colors pop really great for an LED TV, and if you need a really bright screen, Samsung offers the brightest LEDs in the market. The light flow through generated by the Samsung LED backlights has been an important plus for the last few years, and continues with the UHD offering. It is one of the TV’s best features.

As some users complain that it can cause some screen uniformity issues, it is advisable to turn the backlight setting (located in the picture settings menu) down to around 80% which is pretty much the most reasonable level. This way, you’ll still have lots of brightness from this amazingly bright LED TV, but it will keep screen uniformity problems from arising.

It is a big plus to have a powerful LED backlighting if you need it for extremely bright room. Another excellent feature of this screen is the ultra clear panel technology that helps to absorb ambient light. Finally, for an expanded color pallet, the Samsung UN65JU6500 has a wide color enhancer plus technology.

Two 10W downward-firing speakers on this TV do not really make for a stellar sound system; still they are much better than sound systems of some other TVs in its price range. This Samsung’s model offers a couple of different audio profile settings. This includes presets for clear voice, movies, and music. The movies preset provides the audio with a more open surround-sound feeling, whilst the music preset increases the midrange and bass end.

Samsung Smart Hub with Some Nice Improvements

Even though this TV is not equipped with the new Tizen OS Smart Hub, its similar Smart Hub is really great, and Samsung continues to evolve its interface. Samsung Smart Hub supports a ton of settings and apps. Since this can be overwhelming, Samsung has modified the software, and has built in a tutorial to make it a little more accessible.

Featured apps are along the screen’s bottom, whilst in rectangular, larger icons, you can find your most recently visited sources, like Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix, TuneIn, or others. When you choose the features applications, you will get a nicer graphical view than before. Still, the graphics are only screenshots of the applications within colored squares, so there is still more room for improvements in order to fit them more fluently into the interface.

There is a number of different apps categories, ranging from educational ones for children to casual games. The On TV page provides individual logins meaning that different family members are provided with different recommendation settings. For a home with several TV users, this is a big plus. The Smart Hub for this TV includes a full web browser as well. The quad-core processor of the Samsung UN65JU6500 greatly increases the speed of browsing and the Smart TV function. This is a really nice addition since multitasking and processing speed were pretty slow before this upgrade to the quad-core.