Samsung UN78JS9100 Review – Extraordinary, High Quality Curved 78’’ Smart TV

Samsung UN78JS9100

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Superb picture quality
  • Host of amazing, innovative features and technologies
  • Stunning curved screen
  • Amazing smart features
  • Great innovations and top quality come at a high price
  • Smart View 2.0 feature requires all devices to be on the same network
This TV is a part of Samsung’s “Super” UHD series that boasts an immersive curved 78-inch screen, Nano Crystal technology that ensures a greater sense of depth, 4K UHD resolution, as well as up to 64x the color expression of a standard HD/UHD television. There are many more amazing and innovative features with this great TV, like Peak Illuminator Pro for increasing brightness for more detail.

Then there is the Precision Black feature which enhances contrast on this TV for more spectacular visuals. This technology along with UHD dimming is responsible for the amazing strong contrast of the picture which is produced by this TV. Moreover, the TV is equipped with Samsung’s octa-core processor (its highest grade processing chip) that allows you switch between media extremely rapidly.

Another very important feature we must stress on the very beginning is this TV’s Motion Rate 240 for superb moving picture resolution. If you are a fan of fast action movies, you’ll surely appreciate this amazing feature, as it will allow you to enjoy clear and smooth picture quality without almost any motion blur while watching your favorite fast action movies or sport events.

Samsung UN78JS9100’s Smart TV platform is one of its most interesting features. Samsung’s SUHD TVs now boast Tizen (a new Smart TV platform) which is much faster and responsive than standard Samsung Smart TV platform. In terms of applications, they are pretty much the same as with standard Samsung Smart TV.

However, this TV’s included smart remote control is pretty different, as it boasts a built-in microphone for voice commands, as well as a touchpad that allows you to navigate easily between menus. Finally, the One Connect Box provides you with a single solution for all your video and audio connections, and in this way eliminate cable clutter. Here is a closer look to all these amazing features and functions of this 4K SUHD TV from Samsung.

Amazing, Innovative Samsung UN78JS9100 Features

Nano crystal technology and a curved surface of this TV ensure one of the best viewing experiences. The UN78JS9100 SUHD TV’s curved screen creates an immersive viewing experience which is perfect for watching movies or sports. The curved design of this screen ensures amazing off-angle viewing as well as a greater sense of depth so you don’t need to worry where to sit when watching TV.

Other factors in creating a premium viewing experience with this TV are its superior brightness, deep contrast, and vivid colors. Being SUHD TV, this model’s 4K resolution redefines your television viewing experience, and allows you to experience deep contrast, stunning colors, and incredible brightness. This TV also sports Samsung contrast-improving technology that optimizes contrast over multiple zones of the picture in order to create a more dramatic and richer sense of depth.

This technology deepens contrast, but does not distort the picture’s detail or color, producing a more cinematic and immersive image. Furthermore, the mixture of Peak Illuminator Pro and Motion Rate 240 creates a never seen, stunning life-like cinema experience for nearly every type of video. Samsung’s Peak Illuminator Pro is a feature that allows you to experience sharper details, brighter whites, as well as more vibrant colors.

This is a technology that selectively adjusts to each scene in a way that it intelligently brightens LED illumination at the back of the brightest picture regions. This TV’s Motion Rate of 240 ensures that your TV will keep up with the fast action on-screen. Thanks to its superb refresh rate, backlighting technology, and processing speed, the JS9100 is able to deliver a seamless moving image which renders rapid action sequences with ease. We mustn’t forget to mention the smart part of this TV that is simply cutting edge. With a built-in camera, smart remote control, and an octa-core processor you will get to experience what it feels like to live in the future.

A Few Limitations to Consider

The technology is quickly outpaced by other innovative technologies, and although the hardware is set to last for years to come, there is always a shiny, new thing on the market. Also, it is true that the Smart View 2.0 feature allows you to wirelessly share content between your mobile device and your TV. However, in order to use this feature you’ll need to have your TV and mobile device connected to the same network, and internet connection is required.