Seiki SE32HY Review – Great LED TV for a Very Low Price

Seiki SE32HY

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Extremely inexpensive LED TV
  • Backlit LED panel
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • V-Chip technology
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Not a smart TV
  • Pretty basic design
  • Only 1 USB port
At the very beginning, we must mention the fact that this is a 32-inch LED TV that is extremely inexpensive. It will cost you a bit under $200 so at that price it is an incredible value. And it is a really good TV.

As you can expect, at this price point, it is not a superb, feature-rich television, but it does what a TV is supposed to do ant it does it surprisingly well. The Seiki SE32HY is a pretty good TV for watching movies, TV shows, sports, and it is also great for secondary monitor use as well. We will try to describe all the details of this TV in order to help you decide if it is the right TV for you or not.

60Hz Refresh Rate TV

This 60Hz refresh rate television is more than enough for watching most TV shows and movies on any modern TV. Even though the higher refresh rate might display less motion blur when watching fast motion programming such as some action movies or sporting events, many users even claim that this makes watching television worse for them so they turn the high refresh rate off.

Motion blur was a problem on the early generation flat panel televisions, and on many TVs the higher refresh rate is interpolated meaning it is not actually the native refresh rate for that particular display panel. The fact is that you can’t really add detail beyond what’s already in the source footage. Therefore, higher refresh rate really should not be the main reason to choose or not to choose any television.

It is also surprising to find that a TV that is this inexpensive boasts a backlit LED panel, and not an edge lit panel. This is surprising due to the fact that only a few years ago, people were paying a lot of money for backlit displays since they can result in much richer and deeper black images than edge lit displays.

A Few Nice, Helpful Features

Seiki SE32HY LED HDTV features V-Chip technology which allows you to block movies and TV programs based on their ratings category. Parents are able to manage what their children watch on this TV simply by accessing the menu where they can choose the rating category allowed and appropriate for their kids to watch.

Seiki really believes in the quality of their TVs and they stand behind this by offering one-year replacement warranty. If there is some issue with this TV during the first year, they will try to provide a resolution, and if that isn’t possible, they will replace your TV. This is really helpful and great.

Seiki SE32HY Is Not a “Smart TV”

If you haven’t owned a smart TV it is a standard TV which includes a chip which allows it to connect to one’s home internet (wirelessly or wired) in order to access additional content. However, smart televisions sometimes cost a large premium over non-smart models.

But it is important to know that you can turn any modern TV into smart one by adding an adapter like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and more. These adapters are really inexpensive and are a great way to turn the Seiki SE32HY into a smart TV.