Seiki SE43FK Review – Great Budget Flat Screen TV

Seiki SE43FK

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • 60Hz native refresh rate
  • 1080p (Full HD) resolution
  • LED backlight display technology
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Built-in V-Chip technology
  • Doesn’t have smart features
This TV is the new 2017 model. It is non-smart, budget 43-incher that still has some pretty neat features. This TV, even though non-smart, offers some of the Smart TV’s benefits. It has a 43-inch screen and comes with remote control and a stand. Once you fit the TV to the stand, its dimensions are 38.35 x 24 x 3.28 inches, and it has pretty nice choice of connection ports (one USB socket and three HDMI inputs).

For all those who do not wish to use the supplied stand, there is a possibility of wall mounting the TV and kits are really easily available to buy. Even though this is not a Smart TV, not everyone needs one, so for those who are looking for a really nice, affordable TV for their home should definitely consider the Seiki SE43FK because it combines great sound quality and High Definition picture with nice spatial design.

Nice Design and Great HDMI Connectivity

The overall design of this LED TV is nice and modern with its piano black finish and thin bezel design. The LED HDTVs from Seiki are generally designed to fit into any home environment, and to offer a sophisticated, nice look to their customers.

This Seiki TV will be a nice addition to any room in your home, whether it is your bedroom or your living room, or just any other room at all. The Seiki SE43FK meets digital entertainment needs most people require nowadays. This TV weights 16.4 pounds, and its measurements are pretty good as well. As we already mentioned, its measurements with the stand are 38.35 x 24 x 3.28 inches, and 38.35 x 22.6 x 3.28 without the stand.

HDMI technology offers advanced control data, multi-channel surround sound, and crystal-clear digital video through one cable. This Seiki model boasts 3 HDMI inputs, so you are able to simply connect the TV to any cable box, Blu-ray player, or streaming media player with the great HDMI connection. This TV also has one USB input and digital audio out through the optical jack. So, as you can see, the Seiki has paid attention not only to great visual design, but to technical quality as well since the single cable connection ensures amazing picture quality combined with data control and surround sound.

Amazing HDTV Picture Quality

Amazing, advanced light-emitting diode (LED) back-lit technology offered by the Seiki SE43FK delivers great picture quality with sharp contrasts and rich colors. The beauty of HD picture quality allows the viewers to view their favorite shows and movies with superior color quality as well as greater contrasts.

The benefits of new advances in LED design actually become obvious once you turn the TV set on and compare it with your existing picture quality. The Seiki SE43FK’s low price is definitely not an indicator of it picture quality because this 43-inch Full High Definition TV’s picture quality is pretty good for a budget TV. It is as clear and bright as you can expect from some of the much more expensive Full HDTVs.

V-Chip Technology – Interesting and Helpful Feature

This TV boasts great, special, built-in V-Chip technology that allows you to select those programs and films that, based on their ratings, are unsuitable for some of your family members, most probably your kids, to view. This TV allows you to simply open up the menu and access the way that content is rated, so you can make all the decisions regarding the content which can be made unavailable for your kids. This feature is pretty helpful since you can leave your home confident that your children won’t be subjected to inappropriate content.