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Sharp LC-43LE653U Review – Best Smart TV With Amazing Value!

Sharp LC-43LE653U

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Very thin
  • Modern
  • Easy to use
  • Weird power glitch
If you’ve never owned this brand of TV, it may end up being a real treat if you switch to the Sharp brand. The features are easy to use, and it is a really incredible package for what you get. There’s one minor factory issue with the power, but that can be easily resolved by customer service. This TV is great for anyone and any reason from movies to gaming.


This Smart TV is a dream to use! Some may think that it will be a little complicated to pick up and figure out how to use all of the apps and get the apps, but it comes with a lot of great ones and you will have no trouble learning how to use it. It is very convenient, and the smart features make it so much cooler than any other TV by far.

The tech support is incredible and very friendly. The package comes with 30 free days of unlimited support so be sure to take advantage of their skill and expertise. They are very helpful, patient and accommodating.

The 3 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 MHL plugs are nice, and the universal remote that was included is very easy to use and also really handy.

Wallpaper mode is actually really cool. It is not simply a customizable background on the TV menu or screen like you may think at first. It is actually a display that comes up even when the TV is OFF! It can supposedly display any image you want to put up there, but they also have a gallery of cool stock images that are fun to use.

The only bad thing is that the power may switch on and off until you reset it by unplugging. If this happens, it can easily be resolved by the tech support.


The built in sound on this TV is a huge plus. The model with the THX certified sound really makes things sound clear and absolutely magnificent. It is probably better than any other built-in system for TVs on the market. Very high quality and it makes guests think that you have a fancy sound system without the effort of installing one.


The look of the TV itself is very sophisticated and modern. If you are looking to update your appliances, this definitely looks like an upgrade from what most people have. The design has you thinking it is from the future! It really is so thin and delicate looking, but it is sturdy and well built.

The Sharp brand definitely lives up to their name since the picture is indeed very sharp and clear. The visuals are quite impressive on this TV. There are no issues with bad pixels or blurring at high speeds. It has consistently sharp images that move smoothly without breaking or jumping around.