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Sharp LC-43UB30U Review – Affordable 4K TV with Some Nice Improved Features

Sharp LC-43UB30U

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Great connectivity options (4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs)
  • Excellent upscaling of HD signals
  • Amazing Sharp reliability
  • Amazing native contrast ratio and deep blacks
  • Pretty limited viewing angle
  • Really high gaming input lag
  • Poor gray screen uniformity
This is lowest priced 4K TV from Sharp for 2017 and early 2017. It has some cool upgraded features, such as the front glass panel (instead of plexi-glass). This is one of the biggest recent improvements in Sharp’s 4K televisions, and it provides deeper, richer picture.

Underneath the dressed-down smart features and cost-cutting design, this TV delivers accurate colors, satisfying motion performance, and blazing bright highlights. The TV also provides you with great picture quality, even when it comes to Full HD (1080p) content. However, this model from Sharp is not without some drawbacks. For instance, its black levels could be slightly better.

They are not terrible, but some viewers in dedicated home theater environments may not be satisfied with the TV’s shadow performance. It just cannot compete with the shadow performance you will see on models that have full-array backlights. Still, it is hard to complain, since this is really powerful, feature-rich, and affordable 4K TV.

Pretty Great Picture Quality and Viewing Experience

There are several improved picture quality features besides the glass front panel, as well as picture depth and deeper color related to it. The most important feature is the Revelation Upscaler. Without the possibility to upscale low resolution and 1080p resolution content well, you probably wouldn’t even wish to get a 4K UHD TV, since the available 4K content is pretty limited at the time.

When it comes to upscaling, this manufacturer has obviously done its homework. Full HD or Blu-rays streaming both look pretty good, especially if you are close enough to TV to really soak in all the details. But, you will still probably want to scale down post-processing effects like added sharpness or dynamic contrast, in order to get the cleanest picture possible. Side angle viewing on this type of TV (LED backlit LCD TV) is OK, but could definitely be better.

Starting at about 15 degrees off-center, you might notice a slight haziness from side angles. Sharp LC-43UB30U utilizes LED edge lighting technology instead of the pricier full-array backlighting. Even though this sort of lighting obviously has some drawbacks (like weaker side angle viewing and inconsistent backlight uniformity), the performance of this TV is better than with previous Sharp’s models thanks to the new glass front panel. You probably won’t notice any problems with this TV’s backlight uniformity at the beginning, but this weakness usually develops over time in this type of TVs.

Pretty Nice Design and Amazing Reliability

Ultra slim bezel frame from Sharp is included on this TV. Even though some consider this 4K HDTV looks too plain, Sharp did nice job of keeping the design of the LC-43UB30U simple. The screen is surrounded on the sides and the top by a plastic matte black bezel, while Sharp’s logo is on the lower bezel, and is flanked by the power indicator light and IR sensor of the TV. This type of design, like most modern televisions, places maximum accent on the screen.

At just 22 lbs., this 43-inch TV is very light, making it really easy to move around and assemble. You can also notice that the panel is really thin at the edges, as well, providing this TV with a decidedly modern, elegant look. You will find A/V ports on the back of this TV, and they include two USB inputs, four HDMI inputs, digital audio out, shared component/composite hookups, a headphone jack, an Ethernet input for internet connectivity, and RCA audio outputs.

This TV also boasts a built-in WiFi. As you can see, it has great port selection, but its remote control is a different story. Although some users might like how nimble and small the remote feels, the overall low weight and button travel feel extremely cheap.

Reliability is pretty underrated quality category, but is really important to consider when purchasing a TV. You can have a TV with amazing picture quality, but with time, it can pop out on you, and develop problem with the sound, remote function, or picture. This is a category where Sharp really excels. It consistently outperforms peers in panel life, so it is one of the top manufacturers in this category.