Sony KDL32R300C Review – Great Budget TV, but of High Quality

Sony KDL32R300C

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • An easy to use TV system which allows you access the different features of the TV
  • Consistent and even picture quality thanks to the superior LED technology
  • The Motion flow technology eliminates blurriness from fast-moving scenes
  • Great sound quality
  • The same, old Sony shape, not new design
  • Only 2 HDMI and 1 USB port
There is no doubt that when buying a Sony product, you’ll end up with something of high quality and great. There is a really great number of people who use Sony TVs, therefore their TV section is pretty successful.

This 32-inch Sony KDL32R300C 720p LED TV is not an exception. This model promises to deliver a lot of pretty good features not seen in other TVs in its category. Nowadays, many people are only looking to buy 4K televisions, and completely forget about these great LED TVs. There are still many pretty great LED televisions on the market which are able to deliver amazing picture quality.

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If you are on a budget, yet still wish to get a television which delivers better sound as well as high-quality images, this LED TV is a great choice for you.

Great Picture Quality – A Lot of Great Technologies

This Sony TV uses Clear Resolution Enhancer picture engine to produce stunning images, so everything shown on this TV looks its best. This means that everything that is being watched on this TV is shown with clear, crisp detail. Home movies, HD movies, and sports burst off our screen with astonishing color and detail.

The Clear Resolution Enhancer is a technology that basically reduces picture noise in order to make them clearer. One of the main criteria when buying a new TV is picture quality. With this model, you can expect that Sony would have made great effort to ensure this display is great. The Superior LED technology utilizes direct backlighting which delivers consistent as well as even illumination whenever the television is on.

This ensures the picture quality will look crisp and clear at all times. Another great technology this TV uses is called Motionflow XR technology. Since most fast moving objects on the screen usually get blurred, this technology provides such scenes enhancing clarity and a smooth touch. Once the blurriness is eliminated, you will be able to enjoy watching all your favorite action documentaries and movies.

Connectivity – Simple Connection for Endless Enjoyment

You can enjoy all your favorite music, shows, and movies with more flexibility. Your Sony KDL32R300C comes with 2 HDMI inputs. These inputs support everything from standard, enhanced and HD video to multi-channel digital audio. With 5 Gbps of bandwidth your TV is able to accommodate newer software and accessories as they are released without any problems.

You can plug any USB flash drive into this TV, and you will be ready to enjoy all your digital content. You can play your favorite videos and music, as well as view your photo collections, no matter what their format is, thanks to the Super Multi-Format USB PLAY that supports a wide range of codecs.

Sony KDL32R300C 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

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Sound Quality – Balanced and Smooth Reproduction

Clear Phase technology from Sony fine-tunes TV’s speakers’ frequency response for more balanced and smoother reproduction of sound frequencies resulting in precise, pure audio which complements the beautiful, bright visuals on Sony KDL32R300C’s screen for immersive TV entertainment.