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Sony KDL40W600B Review – Perfect TV for anyone!

Sony KDL40W600B

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Navigating and using this TV is very simple and speedy
  • Excellent image quality
  • Very fast reaction time
  • Placement of the hookups does not make sense
This TV is the kind of TV that you could buy for your grandma or your college-age son- it is quite a people pleaser. It is simple to use and navigate and yet it has an incredible amount of capabilities and settings that make it a must-have for anyone that is into gaming. What is extra cool about the Sony KDL40W600B is the image- hands down?


The Sony KDL40W600B is very useful for many different reasons:

  • The number of slots – there are 4 HDMI and 2 USB slots on this TV which makes it a lot easier to hook things up and use your different devices alongside it. The only issue with these is the location is absolutely idiotic. Whoever designed the placement of the hookups does not know how they would be used because it makes no sense and is such a pain. But again, the number of slots is awesome!
  • Speed – the time it takes to power on or power up apps and other devices that are connected is so much faster than other TVs. Very convenient and quick.
  • Settings – You can easily set the visuals and other things if you know how to tweak such things. There are a lot of settings, and it will make anyone happy.
  • Simplicity – although it has a lot of capabilities and options, it is still simple and this is why it would be great for elderly people or anyone who does not know how to work all the more complicated functions.

Set Up and Use

Setting up the TV and learning how to use it is pretty simple but it does take some time to mount it if you plan to mount it on a wall. The Sony KDL40W600B is slim and light looking, but it is not exactly very light because of its size maybe. The stand is not the best quality which is strange since the TV is such incredible quality- maybe they assumed nobody would use it with the stand and cut costs that way. Use the mount and you will be fine.

Navigating and using this TV is very simple and speedy. No pulling out your hair waiting for it to boot up and load things like many other TVs. This one is smarter than the average TV and will amaze you with its skills. The remote is simple and easy to use too.

Image and Audio

The image is probably the best thing about this TV. Sony spared no expense when it came to developing the display on this TV. It is so clear and can be seen at all angles no matter what the lighting in the room is. It is almost magical.

The audio is great too- although it is pretty standard, it leaves nothing to be desired.