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Sony KDL48R510C Review – Very convenient for movies and gaming

Sony KDL48R510C

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Image quality
  • Light
  • Thin
  • Big
  • App complications
The Sony KDL48R510C is probably one of the easiest TVs to set for different equipment settings and to use than any other on the market today. It has automatic settings, which makes it a lot easier since many people don’t know how to adjust things themselves. The picture quality is great, the size is great and the price is right. Anyone would be very happy with this TV.

Look & Image

This TV is very slim, and although it is not as sturdy and solid as some of the other TVs on the market that are approximately around this size, it is really lightweight. The lightness makes it a lot easier to set up and adjust or move if you so desire.

The picture quality is pretty stunning and great for playing on an Xbox, PS4 or another system. Between the size and how crisp and clear the image is, it will be harder than ever to tear people away from gaming – it really feels more like you are inside the game and experiencing it rather than just playing it from the outside.

There are some issues with the edges of the screen not showing as high-quality images and looking a little fuzzy or dark or something, but that may simply be due to the room lighting. Depending on windows and the angle of the TV, it is hard to tell if it is an issue with the placement or with the TV. Ultimately, it probably could have better glare deflection, but it is not that bad at all.

Sound & Tuning

The sound is decent! Even for someone who is not a huge sound person that does not usually set up separate speakers, it may be a worthwhile investment. The sound is definitely livable if you leave it as-is, but some may rather have the sound be a little more intense for gaming purposes or watching an intense movie.

Tuning is not very hands on. There are some specific features you can set, but there are a lot more presets and that is fine for someone with not a lot of tech savvy. A great feature of this is that it switches settings automatically for your gaming systems as well as for Netflix. The pre-set settings are very well done and do not leave much to be desired but if you are into fiddling with your own settings and getting them just how you want, do not expect to have that with this TV.

Other Components

This Smart TV is pretty fun to use and navigate without much effort. There are some issues getting a few of the popular apps that people tend to want to use – either some are just unavailable, or they are hard to find.

There are plenty of plug-ins for your various devices and equipment, and the remote is pretty straight forward to use. The preset buttons are handy.