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Sony KDL55W800C Review – Amazing Smart Android TV Loaded with Impressive Features

Sony KDL55W800C

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • The TV includes Google’s Android TV
  • Amazing picture quality, especially in a dark room
  • Great for gaming
  • Great motion handling
  • Not very bright
  • Limited viewing angle
Sony is a manufacturer that has always brought innovative and new products to the electronics market. This company has remained a top-selling brand for years thanks to their commitment to producing a vast range of products designed for every budget plan, and every type of consumer.

Their new line of top-quality TVs includes some of the impressive, latest features designed to impress customers who love purchasing the greatest and latest gadgets. The Sony KDL55W800C is an amazing LED Smart Android TV loaded with many extras to help make consumer’s viewing experience more enjoyable than ever before. This TV is actually Sony’s value offering in a Full HD LED screen.

It appeals to people searching for the reliability of Sony’s products whilst not paying up for 4K Ultra HD resolution. The major upgrade regarding the features is X-Reality Pro video engine from Sony. However, this TV is packed with lots of other amazing features that we will describe in this article. So, let’s begin.

A Smarter TV Thanks to Android TV Features

Sony has given up the Smart TV function and Apps to Android TV for 2017 from Google. This was a really smart move since it enhanced Sony’s Smart TV platform in a big way. The Sony Android TV system allows you to do much more with your TV than you ever imagine possible.

You are allowed to log in as well as access the Google Play area by simply using your Google ID. The Google Play is a home to thousands of applications, games, and other entertaining content. Also, you are able to use your Android device, like your tablet or mobile phone, to share all sorts of entertainment apps with your TV.

We mustn’t forget to mention the ability to enjoy a vast variety of streaming content from top providers like Hulu and Netflix. The voice search included on Sony’s Android TV functions incredibly well and fast. It is great for searching Google Apps and Games, as well as YouTube. Probably the best use of Google Play on this TV would be games.

Any enthusiastic gamer will surely love the exciting feature that is available on this Sony TV, and that is the access to PlayStation Now content. Streaming select games straight to your TV, just like you would stream TV shows or movies, is possible on this TV thanks to the PlayStation Now system. This will provide all the avid gamers with hours of intense and entertaining gaming that is easy to access at any time, and fast.

However, if those choices are not sufficient for you, there is always a possibility of connecting a Roku box that really boasts the best offerings possible. This way you get the both.

Amazing, Clear and Crisp Images

Motionflow XR 960 is an innovative feature that makes fast-moving programming way more enjoyable to watch. You are now able to view your favorite energetic action flicks or team sports without any blurring.

This is a technology which eliminates screen blur as well as fuzziness, and creates a clear, crisp picture making everything you watch appear true-to-life. Also, the level of clarity can be adjusted which provides enjoyable, customized, well-defined and clear images at all times. The X-Reality Pro Picture Engine makes upscaling the screen image possible so that you can enjoy impressive crystal clear quality.

This engine functions by analyzing each image so that the viewer is provided with the best clarity, contrast, and color making any program you watch more enjoyable. You are even able to watch standard quality videos and content in enhanced mode.