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Sony XBR55X810C Review – 4K TV with Great Overall Picture Quality, Perfect for Gaming

Sony XBR55X810C

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • 4K TV
  • Amazing overall picture quality
  • Android TV with excellent Smart features
  • TV perfect for gaming
  • Pretty dark corners
  • Loss of color saturation when viewing from an angle
  • Sound quality could be improved
This amazing 55-inch Android TV will provide four times more clarity than regular HDTV. Everything you watch, from movies and TV shows to sports and video games, is upscaled for 4K UHD viewing. Even 4K streaming is improved in order to maximize the picture quality.

This Android TV comes with voice search, Google Cast, as well as huge collection of games, apps, and interesting content from Google Play. The picture performance on the Sony XBR55X810C is really outstanding thanks to the various advanced picture technologies from Sony. We must mention the only major downside to this television, and that is the colors degradation when viewing it from the side.

Apart from that, if you are looking for an outstanding 4K TV for watching your favorite movies, sports, TV shows, and especially for playing video games, this model is a really strong candidate.

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Leading Picture Performance

Picture quality is a strong point this TV offers. The new X1 engine is behind the amazing picture performance that is offered by this TV. As you might already know, not only can it produce brilliant 4K picture from native 4K source, but also from video content with lower resolution.

Sony launched expanded color two years ago, expanded brightness range a year ago, and it has been upscaling to 4K for more than ten years. Some other manufacturers are just starting the implementation of these capabilities, but Sony takes another big step forward enhancing contrast control, color accuracy, and clarity of 4K and HD video in this lineup. All of your existing HD TV shows, movies, and sports are upscaled to extremely clear 4K quality.

For those who want the best 4K streaming experience, this TV is specifically designed to recognize and enhance 4K streaming video. Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and other 4K streaming services offer expansive libraries of original TV series and movies in 4K UHD with ultimate convenience.

Android TV for Enjoyable and Versatile Smart TV Experience

This Android TV is more than just Smart TV. It delivers amazing content, Android games, and streaming applications to your TV. On this TV, you can now enjoy all the things you love doing on your smartphone or tablet.

Simply log into your own Google account and access a huge collection of movies, TV shows, applications, and games from Google Play. This Android TV includes voice search which is a great way for quickly finding what you want. Just say “today’s weather”, or “comedy movies”, and let this Android TV do all the work.

You also have built-in Google Cast so you are able to cast your favorite entertainment such as Showtime Anytime, HBO GO, and much more from some of your personal devices to this big screen. You are allowed to cast from your Android tablet or phone, iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac laptop, or Chromebook.

Great Gaming TV

This TV boasts excellent overall picture quality and great motion handling, as well as low input lag. This makes it a great choice for all the game lovers. It is true that its 35 ms input lag is not the best out there, but very few gamers can notice it. Also, if you plan on connecting the Sony XBR55X810C to your PC, it will accept nearly any signal you can throw at it.

It wouldn’t be bad to mention that this TV is also great for watching sports, as it does not have much motion blur. It also doesn’t have so many darker spots like average LED TV. Finally, the raw picture quality of this TV is pretty amazing meaning it is a great choice for watching movies as well.