VIZIO D32h-C0 Review – The Perfect TV for A Gamer On a Budget


Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Beautiful picture quality
  • Numerous different ports
  • Great low price
  • Low sound quality
  • Mid-range resolution
This Vizio television has everything a gamer needs at a great low price. However, not only gamers can appreciate this quality. This TV is also made for those of you who love relaxing with a movie after a long day at work or browsing Netflix on a day off.

Picture and Sound

The Vizio D32f-C0 plays everything with 720p HD resolution. This may be an issue for some gamers since we like our games to be played at 1080p, but for the price it is a steal. LED backlights are distributed throughout the entire screen giving you a balanced every time.

For those of you who love to play games or watch movies at random times of the day, this Vizio also includes an ambient light sensor. This sensor automatically adjusts your television’s brightness depending on the lighting in the room; you no longer have to worry about a glare from the sun ruining your fun.

The sound quality is decent. You will have no trouble hearing it but if you are looking for speakers that will blow you away, then you made need to add on.

Size and Set-up

This TV has a 32-inch screen and is a part of Vizio’s D – series as far as design goes. The D – series has a new base design keeping the stand firm but not too big. The monitor itself is slimmer making it easier to fit in any room. While on the stand, the TV has a width of 28.7 inches, a height of 19.1 inches and a depth of 7.9 inches.

Setting it up is simple. Just plug it in and adjust the TV settings to your liking. The brightness and contrast controls are easy to understand and use as well. While it comes with a stand, it also has the proper hook up to be mounted on a wall. Port wise it comes with 2 HDMI ports, a component and composite port and coax, USB and VGA ports. These give you every opportunity to connect old and new game consoles, Blue Ray or DVD players, laptops or cable boxes.

Great for the Economy and Your Wallet

This Vizio model boasts the Energy Star seal of approval. This means that less energy is used whenever the TV is being used. On top of that it emits fewer greenhouse gasses than the average television making it better for the environment.

The price Vizio is selling this TV for is already much lower than other brands, but ensuring our happiness they have added something else; a one year warranty. As long as you purchase this model from a licensed Vizio dealer you are covered for a year if the monitor malfunctions at all.