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VIZIO E32-C1 Review – High quality, easy to use TV


Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Visuals,
  • classy look
  • size
  • weight
  • Low-level buzzing sound,
  • slight glare
The VIZIO E32-C1 is a huge TV with a very streamlined look that fits in well with the modern or classic décor of anyone’s home viewing area. This classy TV set is good for anyone who enjoys high-quality pictures and a variety of options and uses for their TV. For how big it is, it does not weigh very much and is easy to set up/mount and move around if necessary.

Image Review

This TV has a beautiful picture/image quality that makes watching anything much nicer than on other TVs. The size of the screen makes it so much more fun, too. There isn’t much glare because of the matte finish on the screen – only minimal if sun or light is shining directly on it. Changing the position of the screen can decrease any glare from direct light.

Sound Review

The sound is pretty good and is definitely fine without any kind of speakers hooked up although hooking up speakers is a good idea if you happen to be a surround-sound snob or just really enjoy a really high-quality type of sound that doesn’t come built in. Otherwise, it would be completely appropriately for a built-in sound system, and most people would love it. There is a buzzing noise that comes from different frequency settings for the image quality, but this is only audible when the volume is low.

Feature Review

The streamlined style of the TV also means that there are no buttons on it which makes it look really sleek. However, it can be frustrating when the remote is misplaced, and you don’t want to unplug the TV just to take a phone call. There is a small power button on there somewhere though. The onscreen keyboard is annoying to use, but it is really handy since it is hard to hold a full keyboard on the sofa or coffee table anyway.

The multiple HDMI and USB ports are a plus for the many things you can use them for. Hooking up a flash drive to view pictures or a movie is quite simple, and it does not take any time to load. The speeds are quite impressive especially when it comes to movies.

The VIZIO comes with a lot of apps already programmed into it such as: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Hotlist, Flickr, etc. so you are all set with most of the apps you will ever want to use.

For the price of this TV, it is a great deal since it comes with so many capabilities and features such as built-in WiFi, LED backlighting, HD resolution, and internet apps. You can use it for movie night, watching sports with friends, browsing the internet, gaming, listening to music and much more. It’s not a surprise that this TV is one of the highest rated smart TVs on the market.