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VIZIO E43-C2 Review – For All Those Who Look to Maximize Their TV Dollar


Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Amazing picture quality for the price
  • Perfect gaming TV (motion blur and input lag are minimal)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and and Vizio Internet Apps Plus platform
  • High contrast output
  • Only 1 USB port
  • Poor side angle viewing
  • Poor gray uniformity
Today most TV buyers are facing one main question when buying a TV, and that is whether they should spend more in order to get 4K, or not. You should probably do so only if you don’t mind not getting the most bang for your buck, and if you are concerned about future-proofing. Even though 4K TVs are falling pretty fast in price, they are still considerably more expensive than 1080p televisions.

Vizio’s E series, including, of course, VIZIO E43-C2, is a tremendous value. Its style, features, and picture quality are robust enough to satisfy just about everybody. This TV is a perfect example of the Smart television which has the ability to transform your home into a center of endless entertainment. This distinctive Smart TV comes in a modern, original design, and boasts stunning image quality, ease of use, as well as high speed. This model packs some cutting-edge, latest technologies in order to deliver great high-speed action detail, finest uniformity in light, superior value, stunning picture, and brilliantly detailed contrasts.

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A stunning number of positive feedbacks on this model from Vizio showed that it has passed difficult tests of quality, as well as impressive service as far as HDTVs go. Overall, if you are looking for an extremely affordable, yet high-quality HDTV, with lots of amazing features, this TV is definitely a great investment, especially for all those game lovers out there who will most certainly be pleased to know that this model is a perfect gaming TV, since both the motion blur and the input lag are minimal.

Amazing Smart Features – Vizio Internet Apps Plus

Wi-Fi is included with the Vizio E series, as well as the Vizio Internet Apps Plus platform. The “Plus” in the name indicates the overall performance is pretty faster, and the interface is way more user friendly than before. Wi-Fi performance is pretty good, and allows for immediate access as well as loads of speed for High Definition content streaming.

Some of the most popular and useful applications included are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, VUDU, Pandora, MGO, Facebook, and iHeartRadio. There are many more too. This time around, you’ll find some really notable applications included, such as Spotify which is a music streaming application that allows your Vizio TV to access just about all the music you will need.

Instead of leaving it up to the application to decide which song is next, this app allows you to search artists, albums, and tracks in order to create your personalized playlists. Also, we must mention the amazing app called Lyve which allows you to access all of your content from Apple, Android, and Windows devices from one place.

Game Mode and Input Lag – Great Gaming TV

The VIZIO E43-C2 has a dedicated picture mode for gaming. It is for optimal performance regarding the input lag. Some measurements showed input lag at 40ms, which is really good for the average to hardcore gamer. action games, racing, and shooters play really nice on this TV.