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VIZIO E70-C3 Review – High quality, and Fantastic Set


Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Good picture
  • Price
  • Works for gaming
  • Glare
  • Viewing angle is not optimal
In its entirety, the set is very easy on the eyes, and the huge 70-inch screen complements any room. If you enjoy perfect picture quality with a host of added features that expound on the TV’s uses, then this is the TV for you. It’s incredibly light in weight for its size and it is user-friendly. It’s also relatively easy to set up, and it looks great mounted on the wall.

Image Quality

The picture/image quality is fantastic and really enhances your viewing pleasure, and the size of the screen is the icing on the cake. The picture is so clear you will feel like re-watching all your favourite shows on this set just so that you can admire the quality. To sum it up, the picture is pretty realistic.


The set is slim and sleek, very stylish. It’s thin in terms of width but not too thin, it’s just right. It’s pretty easy to carry because it doesn’t weigh that much, not more than 50 pounds. The Logo is small and decent and is well placed at the bottom of the screen, which gives it a really finished look. From the research I have done, consumers say that the design of the screen hides some glare but not all of it.


It has a clear action feature if you need to make the image even clearer. There isn’t any difference between the smart features available on this year’s model and last year’s; they are pretty much the same. However, it is relatively slower compared to the P series set. Apps are also limited somewhat.

It has quick access buttons for Netflix, Amazon Instant, and iHeart. But many consumers are questioning why they didn’t give Hulu an access button as well. There have been some reports about a buzzing sound coming from the TV; this has been proven to be false as many customers have come forward stating no problem with their TV sets. It accepts all video formats and has a variety of connections at the back of the TV which allows you to connect whichever device you want to.

The VIZIO E70-C3 is very similar to last year’s model. Moreover, the price is pretty decent especially since it has so many features. Customers also get the services of a very friendly and efficient customer support team, if in the case you have a faulty set they will immediately swap it and even stick around until it’s mounted on the wall to make sure it works perfectly.

It may not have all the features its competitors boast, but it has a great quality picture, and it’s simple, stylish and well-priced. This set will suit the individual looking for a TV for normal use or for the gamer who wants a good quality picture but on a budget.