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VIZIO M43-C1 Review – Falling in love with a larger than life impression


Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Perfect for movie entertainment
  • Very reasonable price
  • Sound quality matches picture excellence
  • Not easy for first-time user to set up and tune
Because of its size, all 43 inches, this versatile Vizio M43-C1 Smart LED HDTV is the ideal home entertainment center for the living room or lounge. It caters well to the movie fanatics and those who simply want to outshine their neighbors for sheer entertainment value. The good thing about this super product is that you can be in control from the get-go. Unnecessary complaints only come from those who aren’t ready to adapt to the fast-evolving world of technology.

Operating this giant engineering feat won’t be easy at first, particularly if you are one of those who merely want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. The thing to note here is that technical support and even training is available. Remember what it was like when PC’s first entered the office mainframe? It is pretty much the same thing here. Within a matter of weeks, if not days, you become the master of your entertainment world.

Bright colors for bright-eyed folks

This Vizio 43-inch high-definition LED screen specifically meets the needs of movie buffs and stay at home men and women who will be spending many hours in front of their TV screen. It is a big improvement on its older predecessor, the 70 inch E-series. Color clarity, adjustable brightness, and black levels are all improvements on the older version.

And you are not restricted merely to movies and TV either. Netflix and YouTube creations are there for you to use at will once you know how.

Serving its purpose

For those who don’t yet know how; help is at hand. First-time users should be relieved to know that customer service agents know their products and are culturally diverse in more ways than one. More importantly, technical support crews are on standby should the first-timers experience difficulties in setting up their home entertainment arena for the first time.

It has been said before: It takes time to adapt. But practice also makes perfect. So, it shouldn’t take long before you are comfortable with your new pride and joy. Also, remember to allow the experts to do proper calibrating of the entire system the first time around.

Price and size matter

Size matters in this scenario. The wide screen is perfect for large living spaces and compatible with the movie star picture quality. Home entertainment lovers will enjoy this product because they will never need to leave home to catch the latest movie releases. Streaming of the latest content poses no problems.

Given what you are paying for – large screen, streaming support, effective refresh rates and up to three times faster than usual Wi-Fi speeds – the price is reasonable when compared to other brands. Furthermore, the service-centered approach of sales agents and tech support crews, and energy savings from using LED makes the price worth it.