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Vizio M49-C1 Review – Amazing Budget 4K TV

Vizio M49-C1

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of use
Price/Performance ratio
  • Very low input lag
  • Amazing contrast ratio
  • Color and light flowthrough
  • Price
  • 5 HDMI inputs
  • No Internet browser
  • Not so great viewing angle
  • Long motion blur on some transitions (not all)
  • Only 1 USB input
This great 49-incher offers great picture quality, and just happens to be 4K at a very affordable price. If you are after less expensive 4K TV, but don’t want to compromise on some crucial features, like picture quality, this model is definitely worth considering.

Thanks to full-array local dimming, the picture quality on the Vizio M49-C1 delivers excellent contrast and deep black levels for an LCD TV. Some aspects of video processing and color accuracy on this TV are pretty solid, whilst the input lag is among the lowest on the market. So, if you are addicted to playing games, this TV is a great choice for you. This model from Vizio boasts excellent connectivity with 5 HDMI inputs that are 4K-compatible.

Design – Handsome Enough

The Vizio M49-C1 is handsome enough thought it does lack the flair of some higher-end 4K TVs. A silver edging is really elegant and handsome, dominant when seen from the side and whisper-thin from the front.

The bezel is pretty standard though, exceedingly slim and black. This model rests on a pair of cast aluminum, detachable legs splayed far to the edges which makes this design pretty stable, but demands a piece of furniture as wide as the TV itself or wider. The M49-C1 is thicker than some 4K LCD televisions, partly because of direct LED backlight which would only be a minor disadvantage.

Upscaling and Processing – Great Job of Upconverting 1080p Content

The spacial scaling engine in the Vizio M49-C1 is responsible for upscaling form High Definition to UHD. This TV does an amazing job of upconverting 1080p content. Details are greatly enhanced, and edges are clear by the resolution as it should be. The Pure Pixel Engine reduces noise and enhances quality of the picture from a compressed source.

Picture Quality – Lots of Pop for the Price

One of the best and most notable features of this TV is the 32 Zones of LED Full Array backlighting. There are a couple of important ways this system beats edge lit backlighting, namely better black levels and contrast in certain situations, as well as better quality of side angle viewing.

The zonal manipulation is a benefit without any doubt, and the full array backlighting is the biggest qualitative difference maker here. Colors looked amazing after calibration, and black levels appeared really saturated. The Vizio M49-C1 has got lots of pop for its price in the picture category.

With all LED backlit LCD televisions the color saturation and contrast are reduced at side angles, and this is isn’t something we didn’t already know. Nevertheless, 32 zones of full array backlighting in combination with a quality panel which doesn’t produce much glare do a pretty good job to control the reduction in contrast. As already mentioned, this TV has 32 separate backlight zones, and the best thing to do would be to leave the local dimming setting on for improved black levels and contrast. Performance here was great since this can be a big detractor with LED backlighting.