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Smart TV Reviews 2018

Smart technology managed to crawl into our everyday lives without us even realizing, making us succumb and become completely dependent on it. This is not meant in a bad way as utilizing said technology has made our lives both easier, and more entertaining. Sure, some might argue that social aspect is slowly slipping away, but that is not entirely true since now we are more connected than ever. Smartphone's are already yesterday's news, laptops and PCs have been here for ages, so what else do we have out there that might utilize the full potential of computers and Internet? Enter, the Smart TV.

Fully Utilizing Your Smart TV

The centerpiece of any “smart” piece of technology are the applications. Many TV's today have this “smart” feature, so there are plenty of apps out there. Some apps come pre loaded, but there's plenty of apps available in app stores offered by manufacturers. Carefully crafted list of apps can lead to the ultimate viewing experience, and when that experience is backed up with the ability to go online and surf the web, you get the entire package.

Choosing Your Smart TV

It is extremely important to emphasize that Smart TV is a feature, rather than an actual TV type. If you decide to get a Smart TV, you will still need to decide if you are going to purchase a LED, Plasma, Curved, or any other type of TV available. You can find out more about each type of respective TV's, and the features they offer in our FAQ section. You might go for a more powerful TV if you are the type of person to install heaps of apps on their devices. Like other devices, Smart TV's can lag and their apps can crash.


In theory, these TV's can gather all sorts of information, and for some users this is quite disturbing. However, there haven't been reports of any leaks, and the manufacturers claim that this gathered information is used solely for the purpose of product development. If the user is not comfortable with sharing this information, they can decline Terms and Conditions presented to them during the TV's setup process. TV will still be useable, but many functionalities will be locked. Today, most manufacturers offer the option to turn off tracking and information gathering. Usually, this option can be found in the settings menu.